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The Coffee Specialists: JavaFly

Here at JavaFly, there’s one thing that we believe unites us all: the sanctity of the morning cup. From the Ssouthwestern highlands of Ethiopia — home to our beloved coffea arabica — to the robusta trees of Vietnam, there’s not one corner of the world that doesn’t celebrate, cultivate and share in the tradition of a hot cup of coffee. JavaFly aims to make your morning routine even sweeter with low-priced coffee beans, accessories, brewers, single-serve coffee products and more java-related essentials that let you brew the perfect cup in just a few seconds. Stock up on the best coffee and brewers and get free shipping on orders of $50 or more at JavaFly.

Coffee Collected from Around the Globe

What makes JavaFly so special? Well, we’re coffee freaks just like you! Plus, we’ve got a staff of coffee-lovers who hail from around the globe, so we’re always looking for the best artisan coffee beans and coffee accessories to add to your collection. You’ll find small-batch, fair-trade and organic coffee beans by FARO as well as accessories by coffee critics’ favorite brands, including Bodum. You can brew pure, unadulterated cups with a handsome French press or elicit a full-bodied aroma wherever you are with a travel-friendly pour-over coffee maker from JavaFly.


Affordable Single-Serve Coffee Pods & Servers

We also carry a huge selection of low-priced coffee pods for every coffee connoisseur, from robust dark roasts to delicious vanilla- and chocolate-flavored coffee pods. Shop K-Cups, Vue Cups, Nespresso, Bolt Packs and Rivo Cups in our great selection of pods. We also carry an amazing variety of expired coffee pods that are just as delicious as the day they expired, but are much more affordable. Whether you’re looking for a great price on bulk coffee pods for your office or are stocking up for your own at-home enjoyment, JavaFly has the world’s best variety of affordable coffee pods and tea pods.

JavaFly can also help you find the perfect single-serve coffee maker for your home or business, whether you’re looking for a high-tech brewer that can handle multiple cups per morning or need an apartment-friendly model that’s trusty and compact. We carry discounted Keurig brewers that have all the bells and whistles to suit your specific needs. JavaFly also stocks a great selection of practical single-serve coffee accessories, including Keurig water filters, coffee pod storage units, coffee grinders, French press coffee makers, pour-over coffee makers and much more.